Calculate length of all sequences in an multi-fasta file

Sometimes it is essential to know the length distribution of your sequences. It may be your newly assembled scaffolds or it might be a genome, that you wish to know the size of chromosomes, or it could just be any multi fasta sequence file. A simple way to do it is using biopython.

For example save this script as

from Bio import SeqIO
import sys
cmdargs = str(sys.argv)
for seq_record in SeqIO.parse(str(sys.argv[1]), "fasta"):
 output_line = '%s\t%i' % \
(, len(seq_record))

To run,

chmod +x inpput_file.fasta

This will print length for all the sequences in that file.

9 thoughts on “Calculate length of all sequences in an multi-fasta file

  1. Thanks, this is very useful. Is there a way to summarize the information on sequence lengths, to get for example the mean, and range of the lengths in the file. And, maybe summarizing the size distribution in a histogram?

  2. Just discovered your blog and I think it will save my life. This little script just helped me a lot to check the length of the contigs I obtained from a sequencing platform.

    Thank you so much for sharing your little tips. It’s usefull and perfectly explained. Straight to the point, I love it!

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